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      Oddball Stocks Newsletter

      Looking at companies in the hidden corners of the market, since 2014.

      An annual subscription consists of five issues. All issues are distributed digitally in a PDF format.

      The most recent newsletter will be available for download immediately when you purchase a subscription on this site.

      Issues average 40-50 pages. We discuss developments at "Oddball" OTC-listed stocks, look at developments in shareholder activism and corporate law, and discuss investing philosophy. As guest writers and interviewees, we have some of the brightest minds investing in this space.

      You can try Issues a la carte here before you commit to a subscription:

      Some comments from happy subscribers:

      * "You need to raise the price!"

      * " I think you guys are selling yourself short on your company visits. Saying that you are visiting or reporting from a company in your marketing, doesn’t give justice to the insight and analysis you are providing."

      * "The quality of the writing (even including your new contributors) is really top-drawer."

      * "Great newsletter! - you guys are either providing too much info or not charging enough..."

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      Oddball Stocks Newsletter

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